Among Us Space Rush

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Among Us Space Rush


Join the intergalactic adventure in “Among Us Space Rush,” one of the thrilling selections from the collection of 1000 free games to play. Immerse yourself in a world of suspicion, strategy, and teamwork as you navigate through the cosmos in this exciting space-themed game.

“Among Us Space Rush” takes the popular social deduction gameplay of Among Us and combines it with fast-paced running and dodging challenges. Engage in a race against time as you work together with your crewmates to complete tasks and avoid the imposter’s traps.



How to Play

  1. Complete Tasks: As a crewmate, complete tasks by tapping on various objects throughout the spaceship.
  2. Avoid Obstacles: Dodge obstacles and hazards that the imposter has set to hinder your progress.
  3. Work Together: Communicate and collaborate with other players to achieve tasks efficiently.
  4. Spot the Imposter: If you’re the imposter, try to subtly sabotage the crewmates’ efforts without revealing your identity.




  • Unique Combination: Experience a fusion of Among Us social deduction with exciting running challenges.
  • Fast-Paced Action: Engage in fast-paced gameplay that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking.
  • Teamwork and Strategy: Coordinate with other players to complete tasks while keeping an eye out for the imposter.
  • Cosmic Environments: Explore various space-themed levels and environments.
  • Customization: Unlock and choose from a range of colorful characters and accessories.


Platforms and Controls

“Among Us Space Rush” is available to play on:

  • Web Browser: Access the game directly from your web browser without any downloads.



  • Keyboard: Use arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Mouse: Interact with objects and navigate menus.


Get ready to embark on a cosmic adventure filled with suspicion, teamwork, and thrilling challenges in “Among Us Space Rush.” As part of the selection of 1000 free games to play, this title offers a unique twist on the beloved Among Us gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or seeking an exciting new experience, “Among Us Space Rush” promises hours of entertainment as you dash through space, complete tasks, and outsmart the imposter. Join the fun and prove your skills as you work together with other players to ensure the safety of the spaceship and identify the imposter among you.

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