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Prepare for an intense and immersive war experience with Battalion Commander 1917. Step into the shoes of a valiant commander during the historic events of World War I and lead your troops to victory on the battlefield.

Engage in Epic Warfare and Strategic Battles

In Battalion Commander 1917, you take charge of a battalion of soldiers, equipped with a range of authentic weaponry and vehicles from the era. Your mission is to guide your troops through treacherous landscapes, engage in fierce firefights, and strategically outmaneuver enemy forces.

Heading: Build Your Battalion, Train Your Soldiers

As the commander, you can recruit and train your soldiers, molding them into a formidable fighting force. Unlock new units, upgrade their skills, and choose the best combination of troops for each mission. Your tactical decisions will directly impact the outcome of the war.

Conquer Challenging Missions and Historic Locations

Experience the brutal reality of the Great War as you embark on a series of challenging missions set in historically significant locations.

From the Western Front’s trenches to Verdun’s battlefields, each mission offers unique objectives and obstacles that require careful planning and precise execution.

Unleash Devastating Abilities and Unlock Rewards

Harness the power of devastating special abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Call in artillery strikes, deploy tanks, and use tactical maneuvers to gain the upper hand. As you progress, you’ll earn rewards, unlock new weapons, and upgrade your arsenal to further enhance your battalion’s strength.

Immerse Yourself in an Authentic Atmosphere

Battalion Commander 1917 offers a visually stunning and historically accurate portrayal of the World War I era. Immerse yourself in the game’s realistic graphics, immersive sound effects, and atmospheric music, creating a truly authentic war experience.

Prepare for an epic journey through the trenches, lead your troops with strategic prowess, and make your mark on history in Battalion Commander 1917—a gripping war game that captures the spirit of the Great War like never before.

  • How To Play

The squad follows your mouse/finger. Click the left mouse button or tap the skill button to activate skill (if It’s purchased).



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