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Om Nom Connect Classic is a puzzle game where you must connect all the same Om Nom and friend characters; Om Nom’s new colourful adventure needs your assistance, Om Nom and buddies! 

Om Nom and friends, your help is needed for Om Nom’s new colourful adventure!

Help Om Nom round up his pals so that they may all indulge in the delicious delights together.

In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to mix candies and cute monsters in order to eliminate them from the board.

Are you up for the challenge of assisting Om Nom and his companions in achieving the best score possible?

How To Play

Because the monsters are now obstructing one another, you must exercise caution in determining the best location to connect them.

So don’t be concerned;

Om Nom has fantastic perks to help you in difficult situations!

Use the Om Nom shuffle or a magnifying glass to quickly determine what monster combinations are available to completely mix the placement of monsters and sweets on the board.

Release Date
September 2021

ZeptoLab developed Om Nom Connect Classic.

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Left-click to choose the tiles

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