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Get ready for a prehistoric adventure in T Rex Dino, one of the thrilling games available in the collection of 1000 free games to play! Step into the shoes of a mighty T Rex and roam the ancient lands, where danger lurks at every turn. T Rex Dino is an exciting endless runner game that will test your reflexes and timing. Your mission is to guide the T Rex through treacherous obstacles and avoid deadly traps while running as far as possible. If you love action-packed challenges and dinosaurs, this game is perfect for you. Embark on a thrilling journey back in time and unleash the power of the T Rex!


T Rex Dino is an endless runner game where players take on the role of a fearsome T Rex as it runs through the prehistoric landscape. The game features dynamic gameplay with various obstacles and hazards, creating an intense and exciting experience. As you progress, the speed of the T Rex increases, making the game more challenging. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, T Rex Dino promises endless entertainment for players of all ages.

How to Play

Playing T Rex Dino is straightforward and action-packed. Follow these steps to guide the T Rex through its prehistoric journey:

  1. Start Running: The T Rex will start running automatically. Your job is to control its movements.
  2. Jump and Duck: Use the arrow keys or tap the screen to make the T Rex jump over obstacles or duck under low-hanging barriers.
  3. Avoid Hazards: Dodge rocks, cacti, and other dangerous obstacles to keep the T Rex safe.
  4. Collect Coins: Grab shiny coins along the way to earn points and boost your score.


T Rex Dino comes with a variety of features that make it an exciting and engaging endless runner game:

  • Endless Adventure: Experience an endless running adventure through the prehistoric landscape.
  • Dynamic Obstacles: Encounter various obstacles and hazards that test your reflexes and timing.
  • High-Speed Thrills: Feel the adrenaline rush as the T Rex picks up speed during the run.
  • Coin Collection: Collect coins to increase your score and unlock power-ups.
  • Play for Free: Roam the prehistoric lands as the mighty T Rex without any cost – it’s free to play!

Platforms and Controls

T Rex Dino is available to play on various platforms, ensuring accessibility for players everywhere. You can enjoy the game on:

  • Android and iOS devices
  • Web browsers


  • Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or tap the screen to control the T Rex’s movements.

Prepare to unleash the power of the T Rex and run through the prehistoric landscape in T Rex Dino. With its dynamic gameplay, action-packed challenges, and free access, this game guarantees an exciting and thrilling adventure for players of all ages. Get ready to dodge obstacles, collect coins, and experience the ancient world as a mighty T Rex!

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